For a minute there I thought you’d stay.

They say we’re the sum of all the people we’ve met, might as well just add your bit there. I’ve realized you bump into many people throughout your life… some appear, and after a short or long while, they disappear. Some time after they disappear you begin to understand why they were in your life at some point. Some keep re-appearing for some reason. And many don’t ever cross our paths. 

It’s like six degrees of separation. We’re so close to knowing every single person in the whole world. The friend of the friend of the cousin of the boyfriend of the friend, who by the way, appeared in Ocean’s Eleven

About 12 different persons and three different countries led me to you. Where do I even begin? You were a person who touched me although I never fully trusted you… unfinished love. I think about you often and hope you’re well and happy.  Sometimes I remember our moments as if it were yesterday… your bad temper, your good taste in music and food, the way you looked at me, your silent way of doing things, your lack of communicating, your hugs… 

You were one of those who appeared and disappeared, but left a bit of yourself in me. Since day one I knew this would happen, but I was still up for it. You were another person when you were with me, someone you wanted to be but not quite who you were. It was because of you that I stopped in Seville, in the middle of a street that had your last name, soaked by the rain, hit by hail, with an umbrella given to me by the people sitting next to me at the bullfight earlier that day… to freeze time. Rain, hail, Seville, bulls, cold, and you. You who came in and out of my life. 

You, who perhaps if you hadn’t come in and out of my life like you did, wouldn’t leave room for others to come in and out of my life later on… and perhaps a certain someone whom I’d like for him to stay. 


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