Timing. What a bitch. Seriously. Or am I too late now for everything and everyone?

Why is it that things don’t work out with someone, not because you don’t want to, but because it’s “bad timing”? Later on, you bump into each other again, and once again, it’s bad timing. What does it mean? I know, maybe you weren’t meant for each other, maybe not just yet anyway. Or maybe ever. But why do I feel this way? And why does he feel the same way?

Our choices take us to places, they take us to where we are right now. Choosing is resigning. Because you choose something and at the same time you are not choosing what you didn’t choose. Logic. But why? Why do we choose things in life? What if we make the wrong choice? Is there such thing?

I am in a position where I wasn’t the choice, but at the same time, I am still the “what if” or “what could’ve been” of that person. Is it karma? Did I ever do this to someone? I must’ve. I just found out today that it has happened to me twice. The moment I’m ready to choose you, you’re gone, you can’t… and I’m still your ‘what could’ve been‘. Is that even possible? When did I not take the right opportunity? When did I go the wrong way? Or did I? Or am I waiting for “better timing“? Or a better person?


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