The turkey.

As the holiday season takes off, we start to experience all sort of feelings and emotions that, on one hand, keep us all warm and fuzzy inside, but on the other, make us want to grasp all that we didn’t get a chance to experience throughout this now culminating year. A year, that as we grow older, seems like a flash before our eyes… where our memories seem further than ever and yet our dreams seem to be taking a life of their own. 

Wether we count our blessings or remember our misfortunes and how we lived through them, it’s always an exciting yet fearful feeling we get when we believe we get a chance to start over a new year, full of opportunities and new challenges ready to take over us. And yet, it’s funny how the human being needs a unit of measurement to believe we need to reach certain point to make us feel we’re starting over, when in real life, we can start over whenever we feel like it. Nonetheless, this gives us courage, energy, and ‘a fresh feeling’, that everything will be new. We’re starting over. We can now conquer what we didn’t have time or courage to do before, we can now start that project we talked about all year, we can now decide… wait. What happens when something we yearn is beyond our control? 

Through life and as we grow older, we come to find several things that are completely beyond our control. Things we experience that we want to “get over them” or “don’t want them to end”, but our feelings don’t let us control what to do at that moment. It’s these things, these little moments, that make us appreciate and value what we have in life. The moments we can’t control, but for some reason are able to experience as spectators, are the ones that mark us. And the next day, they all seem like something we can’t grasp anymore. 

Two days away from new year’s eve, try to remember the best things that happened throughout the year. Maybe we weren’t able to accomplish or fulfill certain goals we had, or certain expectations or desires we had… but time’s on our side, after all, it’s just a unit of measurement. 

Happy holidays and may 2014 bring the best to you and your loved ones! 

PS. Buy a jar. From january 1st to december 31st 2014, write down each happy or profound moment you have and put it inside the jar. On december 31st 2014, read all the papers with your 2014 moments and be thankful for them. 


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