A better tomorrow.

It’s almost december 31st… 2014’s last day. Finally. It might sound bad, but the truth is, it has been the most complicated year of my life. So far.

But instead of telling you why this has been the most complicated, hurtful, and difficult year of my life, I’m going to write about tomorrow. These last days gave me a new perspective, things happened very fast and I followed my gut. And it’s the best thing I could’ve done.

Tomorrow I plan on giving myself a treat, I plan on doing my best at everything I do, on enjoying my family, the sun, my breakfast, my drinks, my food… I’m planning on smiling a lot, on being the most human being I can be, on spreading happiness and love, on making people around me be happy and comfortable, on listening to my gut and my heart, on doing only what I want to do because I want to do it. I plan on making my business grow more and more each day, creating a happy, creative and healthy work environment. I plan on getting involved, on letting go, on caring and not caring, all at once.

I plan on looking at people as a whole, as the human being & soul they are, as what they like and the way they do what they do and what they love. At how they talk about what they are most passionate about. I plan on being truly passionate about what I love and what I do (or am doing). I plan on always continue being myself, on being authentic, on buying more flowers, on being organized, on traveling more, wandering a bit, on giving myself what I deserve, on working hard, on spending more time with the people that lift me up, on finding silver linings… always.

I plan on finding happiness everywhere. I hope you can do that too.

All my best for 2015. #tomorrow


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